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Job Opportunities
  • Front Office Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Manager
  • F&B Manager
  • Executive Chef
  • HSKP Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • MIS Staff (Female)
  • Operations Head
  • Beauty Consultant
  • Prof. Driver
  • Hotel Personnels
  • Housekeeper
  • Promo-merchandiser
  • HR Staff
  • Encoders
  • Account Executives
  • Production Dealer
  • Promo Ladies
  • Sales Representatives
  • Field Coordinator


ABS Promotions Corporation seeks to provide individuals with the opportunity to create value for themselves each and every day. Whether this be through their work experience, training, learning's and interaction with their co-employees and superiors, each person can be what he chooses to be.

In ABS Promotions Corporation, we aim to give our employees that shared pride in the achievements of the company, the individual and department contributions that have led to this and the recognition/celebration of that success. This positive cycle is the force which propels the company forward.

Our Frontliners

Operations Manager
Account Manager
Supervisors / Coordinators
Refillers / Merchandisers
Promoladies / Pushgirl / Samplers
Brand Ambassadors
Bundlers / Repackers